English thread 2

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Favourite Reality Show?

Dancing on Ice
Strictly Come Dancing
Big Brother
Im a Celebrity, Get me out of here
Fame Academy
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X Factor
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Re: English thread 2

Post by DreamerM&L » Thu Sep 25, 2008 3:12 am

Ive basically been walking around aswell...lol...i Met my personal tutor and Freshers week is going quite well
although i havent got drunk yet.lol. i just feel uncormfortable getting drunk at a new place wher i dunno the people that well..

otherwise its been really good. i joined the Debate Soc. which is quite a big thing for me considering im not much of a public speaker and it was great fun!..
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Re: English thread 2

Post by SpiderGirl » Mon Mar 09, 2009 5:42 pm

Hunter wrote:Omg!! I've only just noticed this thread now!! :shock:
I'm a british roswelian too lol!! I'm 18 and also awaiting my results which is on the 14th of August which is tommorow..dreading it :? I've noticed the poll above and I barely watch any of those...except a little bit of X factor and ma sister and mum is obsessed with big brother (I can't stand it because it's always on the telly!).
I watch Roswell on E4 every weekend around eightish.
Toronto is amazing..I've been there and to America too. Mind you, everywhere you turn there's a coffee shop lol.

Me too with not realising this thread was here. I'm a homegrown Brit! :lol: about an hour or so away from London. I'm currently at uni trying to balance my absolute love of Roswell with my essays and studying. Not really a fan of reality TV but I think that's partly to do with what I'm studying. So if there's any Roswellians in or near Leicester let me know! I'd love to find people who are obsessed as I am!

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