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Post by scarlettlily » Sun Mar 21, 2004 3:23 pm

Where is all the Candy love? No one has posted in a really long time. Come on and discuss! There is one fic that I do love on Crashdown (I have not been here that long, I don't know if it is on here" called Who I Am, What I'll Become, Where I'll Be" by Rae. It is an excellent fic and I recommend that everyone read them.

I have some bad fics on there too under the name Tigerlilly. Go ahead and read them even though they are old.
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Post by shobhna guerin » Thu May 20, 2004 7:20 am

I love that fic that's teh first Candy fic i ever read... and now, i;m obsessed!

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[b]Fellin No luv [/b]

Post by StargzrCndyDrmPixie » Sun Jun 06, 2004 5:40 pm

0X [b]i agree [/b]theres like hardly any ppl on this board that support candy its hard enough to find a fic thats not M/L i tend to just go on Belit or sumthing cause ur not overwhelmed with dreamers. 0X oh well its all good!!!!
ive read sum of ur fics tigerlilly and there not bad at all!!!!
and whos that guy that you support ive never seen him b4 talk about [u][i][b]fine[/b][/i][/u] :D :BIG:

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Post by kassruvalcaba » Sun Jun 13, 2004 9:41 pm

you guys are right!! I'm a HUGE m&m fan and when i come here i would like to read some based on them (i'm not into the dreamer thing) but heres a website that has a many M&M fanfics

It has sooooooo many!!!
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Post by Earth2Mama » Tue Jun 15, 2004 11:34 am

Whoo Hoo! Thanks for the link :)
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made by April :D

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Post by Pixie101 » Tue Jun 15, 2004 7:30 pm

I know what you guys are talking about!! There is SOOOO Much Dreamer stuff on this site and a huge lack of Candy Love! . . . . i KNOW we are all out there ! there are plenty of M&M Sites so we need to start posting!!! :D :D
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Post by Dreamer 4 Ever » Sat Jun 19, 2004 9:02 pm

Hi everyone,

Its been a while since I have done this so let me explain. Its time for another Top 10 Moments video and I have been meaning to do one for Season 2 Candy (Michael & Maria). So this is how it works. I have listed the moments for Michael and Maria and you e-mail me at dreamer_4_ever@msn.com with your favorite 10 moments in no particular order. When I have enough of votes, I count them up and begin making the video according to your results. It will count down from the 10th moment all the way to Number 1. Doesn’t that sound fun? But please do not post your votes, please e-mail them to me :D

Skins & Bones
1. Maria talks to Michael at the Crashdown and tells him that she misses him but he tells her not to.

Summer of 47
2. Michael gives Maria the cold shoulder after she comments on his “new gel”.
3. Michael wants to borrow the Jetta from Maria
4. Michael shows Maria the pod chamber and thanks her.

The End of the World
5. Maria wants to talk about their relationship after seeing a psychic.
6. Maria and Michael are both investigating Courtney.

7. Michael tells Maria what he found out about Courtney.
8. Michael and Maria stake out Courtney’s apartment but are then caught when Courtney shows up and tells him about his other life.

9. Maria find Michael at the Crashdown, runs to him and hugs him.

Meet The Dupes
10. Michael gets a little jealous when Maria provides a distraction with Brody.

Max In The City
11. Michael tells Maria that him and Isabel are leaving and she responds “Thanks for helping, its so sweet of you.”

A Roswell Christmas Carol
12. Michael asks Maria if they can exchange gifts after Christmas.
13. Maria comes to Michael’s apartment after she finds out what he and Max did for the children in Phoenix and they exchange gifts.
14. Maria smiles at Michael at the service.

Disturbing Behavior
15. Maria and Michael stand watch outside the police station and Maria spots a couple in the hardware store having sex.
16. Maria tells Michael that something is happening outside the police station.
17. Maria tells Michael that she assumes that they are back together again when they are following the ambulance.
18. Michael and Maria try to save Laurie from the shooter.
19. Maria tells Michael about the damage done to the Jetta while Michael is on the phone with Max.
20. Michael tries to convince Laurie to trust them and Maria tells Michael that she’s hungry.
21. Michael tells Maria to take Laurie to the restroom and Maria gets some stuff off her chest to Laurie.
22. Maria tells Michael to have a “warm, emotional bond with Laurie”
23. Maria and Michael talk to the Duprees.
24. Maria and Michael are escorted out of the house.

How The Other Half Lives
25. Michael is watching the house while Maria is on the phone with Liz.
26. The Duprees catch Michael and Maria in Laurie’s room.
27. Maria finds the deed to the house and Michael applauds her.
28. Maria and Michael go back to the house with the deed.
29. Michael and Maria are relaxing by the pool and Maria tells him about Bobby and Meredith.
30. Michael and Maria are having dinner with Laurie and Maria tells Michael to go see about the beverage situation.
31. Michael tells Maria to take Lauree somewhere safe.
32. Maria kisses Michael after he was shot and they talk about what they should do about Laurie and they return to Roswell.

Viva Las Vegas
33. Michael tells Maria she can’t come to Vegas with him and Max and she convinces him and he tells her not to tell everyone.
34. Maria tells Michael that she is going to audition to be a singer.
35. Michael calls Maria from jail and asks her to bust him and Max out.
36. Maria tells Michael to ask Max to stay.
37. Maria tells Michael how nice he cleans up and he asks her for money for a cheeseburger.
38. Michael surprises Maria by announcing that she will sing on stage.
39. Maria finishes singing and gives Michael a thank you kiss.

Heart of Mine
40. Maria tells Michael the prom is one of the greatest nights of her life and she will seek other options if he doesn’t.
41. Maria tells Michael that she will forgive him for the other day but he blows her off.
42. Michael shows up at the prom and asks Maria to dance.

Cry Your Name
43. Michael takes Maria home after finding out about Alex.
44. Maria and Michael see Liz at school and Michael tries to keep her calm after their outburst.
45. Maria is angry about how people who hardly knew Alex is reacting.
46. Maria thinks that they shouldn’t talk about Isabel’s college plans and Michael agrees.
47. Michael walks out on Maria after Liz’s theory on Alex’s death.

It’s Too Late And It’s Too Bad
48. Michael finds Maria in the band room and offers to help her with the layout of the yearbook page for Alex.
49. Michael forgot about meeting Maria and she comes to his apartment and she tells him how being the perfect boyfriend isn’t helping.
50. Michael tells Maria that he can give her now.

Baby It’s You
51. Michael comes to Maria and she tells him where Liz and her are really going.

52. Michael comes to see Maria outside the Crashdown and she assumes that someone died.
53. Maria comes to Michael’s apartment and finds a surprise
54. Maria and Michael say they love each other before he tells her that he is going home.
55. Maria tells Michael that Tess killed Alex.
56. Maria tells Michael that he stayed for her.

Thanks a lot everybody!

:love: D4E

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Post by RoswellChic4Ever » Sun Jun 20, 2004 11:51 am

Hey guys! I'm a candy here! I feel the same way with the lack of candy support. Have you guys been here though:


That's a completely Candy board! I Love it there!

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Post by Guest » Mon Jun 21, 2004 9:54 am

Hey everybody!! I'm a HUGE candy fan and I think it's sad that there isn't much candy support over here. I don't support M/L at all (which I know is the wrong thing to say on a Dreamer board such as this one so I won't mention it again:wink:) so I don't read much fanfic over here. Usually I stick to Candy Is Dandy, Belit's Planet (http://www.belit.net) or Roswell Desert Skies because they are great Candy sites and you don't have to dig through lots of stories to find a M/M one which is a definite plus. :) And also if anyone wants to read a good candy fic I recommend the "The Day We Never Kissed" by DocPaul which can be found over on Roswell Desert Skies. It's one of my favourite fics so M/M fans should read it because it just rocks. :)

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Post by Jadeling » Wed Jun 23, 2004 3:00 am

Personally, I like Dreamers, not surprising considering that I'm a CC kind of gal, but I have to agree with practically everything that you guys are say. There is definitely not enough Candy around here, or Stargazing, or Lamp Trimming, or Coconut Cream Pie Loving stories out there.
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