Candy Challenges

Michael and Maria fighting/making up do it for you? Then enter the M&M Zone.

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Re: Candy Challenges

Post by spacegirl23 » Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:13 pm

killjoy wrote:AU all human
Any Rating is fine
M/M,K/T,A/I and M/L

Michael and Maria have been the best of friends since as far back as either can recall.Sure they fight and bicker all the time but everyone knows that if anyone was to hurt the other the fighting would stop and the two would quickly have each other's back.

The idea is that Maria is dating a guy who gets her pregnant and than bails on her.Now Maria is a strong independent woman but she hates the fact her child is going to be born out of wedlock and without a father.So Michael being the good friend he is steps up to the plate.

He and Maria strike up a deal where they will get married where the baby can have his name at birth.They will stay married for a certain amount of long is up too you.

But during this time a change comes over Michael.Being married and living with Maria changes his friendship into love for her.Not to mention Michael loves the baby after he/she is born like the child is his own.So now Michael is wishing this marriage of convenience he and his best friend got into was a real one made from love.

Just as Michael thinks he has time to maybe make Maria see there is more to them than friendship,the man who knocked Maria up and left her comes back into the picture.He tells Maria he is sorry and freaked out over the news and ran.He now wants to get to know his child and get back into the child's and Maria's life.Michael of course is pissed off over this and wants to punch the guy's lights out....but even worse comes the blow that he finds out Maria is thinking of taking the guy back....he can't let that happen
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Re: Candy Challenges

Post by MariaDeluca285 » Wed Sep 09, 2009 3:44 pm

spacegirl23 wrote:I would like to see a Sex and the City-inspired fic. Must be CC, set in a fast-paced city. Alternate Universe, no aliens!

The girls are best friends, and in their late 20's: Maria an aspiring singer with a musician boyfriend, Liz a serious PhD student, Isabel a bored model with a lawyer fiance, and Tess a rich but jobless party girl.

Enter the men: Michael a moody artist, Max, Isabel's older brother and Liz's new biology professor, Alex a sweet computer engineer with a fiance, and Kyle a young NFL player.


How they meet:

Maria and Michael have a one night stand, when Maria's drunk. She then wakes up and is very sorry since she's been with Billy for the longest time. (Too Grey's Anatomy? Hope not). But she keeps running into him, and even though they fight a lot, he's all she can think about.

Liz is concentrating on her studies and on being the best - then she meets Max, Isabel's brother. He's her new biology professor - obviously, canoodling should be out of the question! (Okay, this is sounding like Grey's Anatomy.)

Isabel is a famous model with a rich lawyer fiance. She then meets Alex, a computer engineer who seems to be ecstatic with his life, and is totally in love with his fiancee Leanna, an architect. She is intrigued by him.

Tess was born to a single dad with too much money to spend. She parties day after day, till she meets an NFL player who dismisses her as flighty and shallow. Which she is, sometimes. But she's smitten with him, and she is looking into changing her ways.
I just started working on something like this. I loved the set up and I used most of it :D
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Re: Candy Challenges

Post by nibbles2 » Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:22 pm


Michael is brother to Liz and Amy Deluca is his boss. Michael has a reputation of being a love 'em and leave 'em type. And usually he leaves them heartbroken. Maria is Liz's best friend and Amy's daughter. She tends to fall in love quickly and then let her insecurities wreck the relationship leaving her heartbroken.

Liz and Amy both have one rule - Michael must stay away from Maria. They've enlisted all their friends to help them.

That's great until Michael and Maria meet and of course, fall for each other and so to avoid hassle and arguments with their friends and family, they carry on their relationship in secret.

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Re: Candy Challenges

Post by killjoy » Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:46 pm

AU All Human
M/M,K/T,A/I and M/L
Any Rating Is Fine

Back at the start of their schooling(like first grade) Michael and Maria were the best of friends.They did everything together.Maria was the over hyper tomboy where Michael was overly sweet and nerdy.One was not seen without the other and they were very close

That all changed when Michael's mother suddenly dies.Hank quickly and without notices moves away from Roswell taking Michael with him.Years have passed and Maria is in high school where she has new best buds in Alex and Liz,but a part of her has always missed Michael.Which is why she's over joyed when she hears that Michael and his dad are moving back to town and he's coming back to their school.

But when she sees him Maria is shocked at the change in him.Gone is the sweet nerdy boy who was her best friend.In his place is a very moody and with drawn man.What has happened in the missing years that changed him? Maria is determined to find out and fix it.

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