Which Max and Liz scene made you cry/touched you the most?

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Post by ISLANDGIRL5 » Sat Jun 07, 2003 1:30 pm

TrueLove_Forever wrote:
Which a lot of people don't see as that sad, but Max just admitted that he loved Tess. That one still tugges at my heart.

I always took this line to mean that he loved Tess, but that he wasn't in love with her. It just reinforced for him, and for Liz, what we, as viewers and as dreamers already knew. That Max and Liz are the ones truly destined to be together.
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Post by Evans3 » Sat Jun 07, 2003 3:16 pm

:puppydogeyes: The End of the World is the one that I cried the worst especially when Liz had her first and last wedding dance with Future Max. In fact, I started to cry from the beginning of the esipode. It was so sad! I couldn't stop thinking about it for nearly a month.

Two, I cried when Isabel and Alex said good-byes inside the Crashdown. It was a heartbreaking to see Alex leaving the crashdown and never looks back. (Alex in his spirit saying good-bye to Isabel in her dream)

Three, I cried when Max gave up his son, Zan. I never seen him so torn-up of giving up a only child he had. I can't even imagine of losing my baby girl if I was in Max's shoes. I would be screaming and kicking to keep my baby with me.

Four, I was so touched when Max asked Liz to marry him. It was a beautiful moment from between of o them. They knew what they would be facing in future and they will be okay as long as they are together. It was just a perfect moment for them.

Five, I cried because Roswell is OVER!


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Post by isabelle » Sat Jun 07, 2003 7:59 pm

I agree with what Islandgirl said about Max's comment,

"Do you love her?" "Not like I love you."

Max loves Tess the same way he loves Michael and Isabel. They're very important to him. They're his family. But he doesn't love them the way he loves Liz. As you said, he's not saying that he's "IN LOVE" with Tess, at all. If she'd asked about either of the others, the answer would be the same.

Imagine if Maria had asked the same thing of Michael about Isabelle. If he were honest, Michael would admit that he DOES love Isabelle - as a sister and a friend. But not like he loves Maria. It's the same thing.

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Post by dreambehr » Wed Jun 11, 2003 11:21 pm

Yeah. I agree with that explanation too.

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Post by Deejonaise » Thu Jun 12, 2003 11:18 am

isabelle wrote:Max loves Tess the same way he loves Michael and Isabel. They're very important to him. They're his family. But he doesn't love them the way he loves Liz. As you said, he's not saying that he's "IN LOVE" with Tess, at all. If she'd asked about either of the others, the answer would be the same.

Imagine if Maria had asked the same thing of Michael about Isabelle. If he were honest, Michael would admit that he DOES love Isabelle - as a sister and a friend. But not like he loves Maria. It's the same thing.
I could probably buy this explanation if Max hadn't slept with Tess. That kinda throws the whole brother/sister dynamic right off.

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Post by *DreAms and CandY* » Fri Jun 13, 2003 4:52 pm

About the whole Max saying "not like I love you" thing.
I always understood that line as Max not wanting to admit that he didn't love someone he slept with (even though it's true) bc it would just be admitting that he's an ass. And also, in my mind, Max is this 'noble' guy, so I think he wanted to persuade himslef he loved Tess, since she was pregnant and all, ha had a duty you know... I don't know if I made myself very clear... :? Anyway, to me the bottom line of this is that Max kinda eludated the question by not answering Liz but telling her he loves her....
That's just me adding my two cents... :?
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romatic at heart

Post by dAy_dReAmEr » Sun Jun 15, 2003 11:27 am

i prob cryed the most wen Liz found out that Max had been unfathful to her and slept with Tess. I've had that happen to me an its the hardest thing to deal with. Once its done, its done an Max couldn't take it bak. And the hurt you feel is unbearable. it never fully goes away :cry:

i got soo mad at Max for that! :mad:

not to mention that evil slut tess!! :mad: :mad: :!:

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Post by roswelliankermitqueen » Mon Jun 16, 2003 2:15 pm

I've cried a lot of times in a lot of different shows for max and liz they always seem to get themselves in the worst situations but by far the most tearjerker moments would have to be:

*when max is in the white room and the ass(aka agent pierce) shows max the image of liz dieing the look on his face just made me fall to pieces

*and there's the whole EOTW, that whole episode about kept me in tears but the worst of it all... for me anyways... was when she said she wasn't willing to die for him when we all knew she would...and the last dance w/ future max and he just disappears and she's there all alone... it's too sad

*and who could forget the departure scene *just tell me max do you love her?.... not like i love you* and then she walks away and he cries... sexy men crying... never could stop from blubbering to that

*and last but definately not least there's the scene where max *dies* and liz feels it all the way across the country and breaks down it kept me crying for almost an hour... not fair at all even if he does come back...

wow... this show brings out the crybabyness in the best of us doesn't it... ah well... off to watch some teary episodes :)
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Post by dream on » Tue Jun 24, 2003 11:00 am

roswelliankermitqueen - i agree abt EOTW and White Room.

that whole screaming his heart out because he thought Liz was dead was just too scary......i mean, who loves like that? well, i guess Liz did.

I cried my most through Destiny.
when "here with me" came on and Liz started running away....it broke my heart. the way she was holding her head when she ran.....it tore me up inside. that ahd to be the saddest and most profound scenes in Roswell ever. and NONE of the season finales, IMO, came close to the emotional impact Destiny made. not even when they got married and not even when he yelped "not like i love you". i know there's been quite a few explanations as to why he said it but hell, there's no way he can love tess like a sister after shagging her. it's not humanly possible until and unless u're really and truly into incest.

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Post by Assilem_1 » Fri Jun 27, 2003 4:38 pm

I guess I'm weird 'cause I didn't cry a whole bunch during the show . . . Even during EOTW I didn't cry 'cause I kept thinking they'd turn it around. Stupid me read the episode description at tv guide online and it said something like "Liz and Max devise a plan to save the world . . ." (or something to that effect) and so the whole episode I thought Liz and Present Max would fix it . . . Not realizing till it was over that they meant Future Max . . . So I sat there all hopeful and disbelieving . . . I was like a little kid refusing to believe that Santa wasn't real . . . It was so sad . . . And then when the episode was over I remember being like shell-shocked and getting up to take a shower and that's when it hit me . . . I ended up crying in the shower (whispering: Don't tell anybody) . . . lol . . .

It's weird 'cause at different stages I've watched EOTW and had totally different reactions to it . . . At first I was really sad, then after watching ARCC when Max said "I believe in you," the next time I saw EOTW I felt how amazing it was that Max and Liz were able to overcome the awful things Liz had to do and still be together . . . Then after ITLITB I just felt upset at how EOTW destroyed "our" Max and Liz . . . Then after Departure I was just disgusted at how much they tore our Dreamer hearts out with EOTW and never even gave us The Conversation where we would get to see Liz tell Max why she did what she did . . .

Believe it or not I cried when I saw the very first commercial for ITLITB . . . I totally didn't see it coming and to suddenly see Max removing Tess's clothing (*gag*) . . . It just totally sent my tear ducts into overload :( . . .

During the episode though I held it together 'cause I knew it was coming . . .

The only other time I cried was of course when Alex died . . . Isabel's dreams (and how she woke up) were heartwrenching . . .

During Season 3, I think I was just so disillusioned after the first ep that it just didn't pull the same emotions from me . . .

But ok, there were *lots* of Liz and Max moments that moved me . . . At the top of my list though would have to be when Max reversed the connection and we saw moments from Liz's life with her voiceover:

"I saw me as he saw me, and the amazing thing was, in his eyes, I was beautiful . . ."

That just blew me away . . .

And then of course when it was finished and Max looked completely vulnerable when he said "Did it work?" He had just bared his soul to her . . . That was just a "Wow" and a "Aww" moment wrapped in one . . .

Ok, I think I've babbled enough so I'm going . . .

Great topic btw!

Melissa :o
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