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Post by Hopeless Romantic » Fri Oct 28, 2005 1:53 pm

I definitely agree that Nicholas was completely pointless.

And for some reason I REALLY didn't like Jesse. First off, i mean maybe it's loyalty to Alex, but that Isabel was in love with him so fast and got married...I just don't think they made that very believable at all. It can happen (people falling in love that fast), but I didn't buy it with them. And then all his drama when he found out Isabel was an alien. I mean, okay I get that it's shocking but please shut up and deal with it. If you REALLY loved Isabel, you'd stop being such a baby. Their whole romance to me was just pointless also, especially since it ended with the show. So I just didn't see the need for him.

I've never disliked Max, just because I feel like he was put in a situation he never asked for or had any kind of say in. He was just trying to do the right thing by finding his son, and I don't feel TOO much sympathy for Liz given the way he was because if she hadn't fucked with things none of it would've happened. But I don't dislike her either because she was in a really hard situation too. So, I'm just going to say while they both did VERY Unlikeable things, I think they were the most real of the characters, making real mistakes and what not based on real feelings, insecurities, and fears.

That's just my opinion.


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Post by ~*Sonia E.*~ » Fri Oct 28, 2005 8:58 pm

Aww, I liked Sean, Nicholas, and Jesse. I thought Nicholas was hilarious. :D

Maria - I've always thought that she was an annoying nuisance since her cedar oil sniffing days in S1. I've always read how Liz was such a bad friend to Maria, but Maria was not a great and loyal friend either.

I liked Tess 100% better than I ever did Maria. Maria was always a self-centered, arrogant character. She really got on my nerves a lot of times throughout the three seasons of Roswell. I was really hoping that Liz would finally tell her, "to stick it where the sun don't shine." I won't even go into how tacky I thought Michael/Maria's relationship was because I might never stop. :lol:

Liz's friendship to Maria was as good as she got in return.

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Post by DreamKeeper » Sat Oct 29, 2005 5:15 am

Liz, absolutely as big a control freak as Max, but hiding it better ...

- breaking up with Max at the podchamber, because she knew best how he had to follow his destiny. And it turns out she was wrong, because Tess was a traitor. It was her phenomenally bad decision which was based on a knee-jerk reaction to hearing that, in his past life, Ava was Zan's wife. But then FMax came along, she was able to segue responsibility for her original decision to him, and viola! The breakup then became all about FMax, and she bore no responsibility at all. And she never took any, either.

- FLiz, exhorting FMax that he had to do it, he had to try, when he had doubts. Wanna bet, with her martyr complex, that it was her idea that Max had to fall out of love with her? With the future of the world hanging in the balance, would she have sent him back in time with the idea that he would just wing it when he got there? She was the girl who always had to have a plan. And even that is now FMax's fault.

- never being there for Max after his white room experience, which she saw in living color and heard in surround sound. Never called him, never checked up on him, never once even asked him how he was doing when she got back from Florida. Ignored it as if it never happened. Maybe Max learned that whole non-support of a friend during a crisis from Liz.

- her continued non-friendship with Max. She had so cut him out of her life that Maria told her "him, him him. Ever since you broke up, he's become this pronoun instead of a person." This is a friend? Yet, when she was on the receiving end, she was quick to tell Max "before we kissed, we were friends. We talked, we laughed." Gee, where was this attitude before?

- her attraction to Sean while claiming to be obsessed with Max, nearly giving herself whiplash to get a better look. She had "he was someone like me and I was attracted to that, but I'm over it now" written all over her. At least Max was honest about it. As an addendum to that - Liz being upset with Max because he kissed Tess at Prom, when she kissed Sean well before that. What - no harm, no foul?

- her claim that she wanted to help Max in his search for his son, but later going on and on about how every time he referred to his son, it hurt her. What, exactly, was she expecting when she said she would help him?

And last, but certainly not least, the whole "I will push you to Tess, but don't you dare actually do what I'm pushing you to do," because no matter what Max did after that, he was going to be wrong.

Edited to add this, because you can't answer the thread twice, lol:

From the podchamber going forward, she made all the decisions and controlled almost all the action in her relationship with Max. But she takes no responsibility, shows absolutely no awareness of how her actions hurt the person she claimed to love the most.

It's all about her pain, it's never about his. It's all about what she did for him, never about what he did for her. It's all about how he hurts her, never about how she hurts him.

For me, the difference between Max and Liz is this: after leaving Max at the podchamber, she never contacted him the entire summer, even as a friend. When she saw him for the first time after coming back, she never once even asked him how he was! The last time she'd seen him was the day after the white room! Max went to check on Liz when she was overcome by her parents and the entire town of Roswell disappearing. He walked into the room where he had seen Kyle and Liz seemingly naked and in bed together, because he saw how upset she was, even though it was the setting for the most crushing moment of his life.

Give me Max any day.
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~*Sonia E.*~

Post by ~*Sonia E.*~ » Sat Oct 29, 2005 7:47 am

BRAVO, DreamKeeper, BRAVO!! *claps*

You just gave the best reasons why Liz and Max are exactly the same. Boy, just looking at all of Liz's faults makes me wonder why Max bothered with her in the first place and vice versa?!!

I'll tell ya if I didn't love both Max and Liz together, I would have been hoping that they both get a reality check and move on with their lives apart for good. But, I couldn't help myself and I was sooo glad that they ended up happy and married in the end. And as an added bonus, Liz Parker was happy. I couldn't ask for much more than that. :D

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Post by Sophia » Sat Oct 29, 2005 8:06 am

Isabel and Tess, not just annoying, loathe those two. Michael at times, only when he's with Maria, on his own he was a decent guy. Jesse, what was the point?
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Post by maxandliz4ever1357 » Sat Oct 29, 2005 8:17 am

DreamKeeper: You had some very good points; both Max and Liz were wayyyy too controlling. And the bit about Liz pushing Max toawrd Tess, but him not actually being allowed to go with her was right on the money. I mean, come on sweetie, what did you expect? :roll: But everyone has faults. What it really comes down to, is what faults a person can overlook, and what faults a person just can't.

I could live with Max-The-Control-Freak. Others couldn't. It just depends on the person.
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Post by Zanity » Sat Oct 29, 2005 9:27 am

Bingo! Dreamkeeper. You hit the nail on the head. And maxandliz4ever1357 is right too. The bottom line is they loved each other, that love was tested and tried, and both individuals stumbled and fell along the way. But in the end they appreciated what they had a whole lot more.
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Post by Coccy » Sat Oct 29, 2005 11:19 am


I dislike her from the start when she interrupted Alex when he was talking to Isabell in "crazy" till the 4aaab episode :|
She has no character for me, it's only a doll that writers used:
- to prove Max and Liz love (and only for this reason my dreamer heart thank her cuz M&l need an obstacle to prove their true love ;) )
- to give us the murderer of Alex
- to make Max's "akino" that we find in the books. (the akino thing is better, it's evident that writers made her and not the great Melissa Metz)

She's boring, passive, disillutional, crazy, insate, stupid!
She's so stupid for words and Max makes her more stupid.
when she's alone without him she's good..really, I love her when she's with Kyle! but when Max comes.. OMG.. save me please. _-_
and the destiny thing and the accord with kivar sucks!

She's too boring.. always on Max like glue...a mussell (in italy we call her in this way), the stalking woman..a persecution!
"Maxxxx it's destinyyyyy destinyyyy destinyyyyyyy..... you are the kinggggg.... I'm your wifeee"

please give her a poison so that she doesn't suffer more! _-_

if she was his wife in the past...well it's not so difficult to believe why they all died ^^°°

Passive girl.
I hate her, she's what I would *never* be.
She used to manipulate people to obtain what she wanted from the beginning!
She have no life..nothing true..only lies. Her life is a lie.
It's hilarious that in "tess lies and videotape" she has been forced to "help" (with the mindwarps) Max to have the "erotic" dreams when he was awake, dreams that he was supposed to have spontaneously like Michael and Isabell (when he sleep)... poor her...

and you remember in departure when she says to Max "why you don't love me like you love her?" after she says that she wants to deliver him to Kivar.. she's crazy or what? O__o

Misunderstood... some people used to say...
please give me a break! _-_
(I appreciate people that like her for what she is unlike who want to create his own canon with her as a saint)

you choice what you *want* to be. Period.
and the excuse "it's only writers fault" is silly! I watch roswell not writers life :|
If you think so, you can't see tv shows, you can't see nothing cuz all the characters are the result of someone's mind, it's normal. ^^°°°°
Tess the enemy bitch *is* the canon

and for me.. the worst enemy ever made. :?

I like more Kivar, Nicolas(hilarious :lol: )..even Nacedo and Pierce but Tess is simply an insignificant woman.

sorry for my two cents and my english ^^"
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Post by Coccy » Sat Oct 29, 2005 11:28 am

maxandliz4ever1357 wrote: I could live with Max-The-Control-Freak. Others couldn't. It just depends on the person.

me too :wink: especially cuz sometimes he explodes like in sexual healing , 4aaab and other epi :P *sadic girl*
well.. I could make him lose controll :D he's so sexyyy :P

sorry for the OT :oops: lol

LOL :lol: I'd like to make Max lose control rather than to make Michael less impulsive :P :lol:
"You're what would bring me back.
Even if my molecules were spread out from here to whatever galaxy my home planet is in,
that wouldn't stop me. All my molecules would be like little homing pigeons.
They'd all zoom to you, and then I'd re-form." - Max Evans; Roswell High - The Watcher
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Post by Kath7 » Sat Oct 29, 2005 5:49 pm

I loved all of the original six, although I didn't like their actions sometimes. :wink: I didn't like Kyle at first, but grew to love him.

For me, on the show, Tess was the one I couldn't stand (although I love her in fic). The idea of Tess always made sense to me. Two guys/two girls. It was the execution that sucked. She never seemed any competition to Liz, in my opinion, and she was written in so many different ways, you never knew if you were supposed to like her, hate her, or love to hate her. In the end, I just hated her.

I also disliked the dupes, Sean (again, pointless...But I do like him in fic, on occasion), Jesse (who would have been interesting, had he been anyone besides just plain Jesse...what a waste).

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