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Roswell_Fan86 Stories

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:36 am


Complete Stories

When Reality Sets In
Rating: Adult
Couples: Dreamer insured!
Summary: This takes place after Baby it's you, but with a little bit of twist.

A/N: This was my first story so sorry if it's kind of sucky LoL.

Works In Progess

What's Meant To Be
Rating: Mature possible Adult

Couples: M/L, CC
Summary: This story is a 'What If' version of Roswell. What if Liz started developing powers earlier on? What could have happened from that point on? Could things really change or are some things just meant to be? Takes place after the episode 'The Balance'.

Stories On Hold

Revenge Is Sweet
Rating: Adult
Couples: At first M/T, M/I, M/M then M/L, Mi/M, I/A, T/K
Summary: This story is based off John tucker must die, but Isabel and Max are not sisters, there are no aliens. I promise its completely dreamer insured. This is told through Liz's POV.

A Very Roswell Christmas
Rating: Mature
Couples:M/L, CC mention of M/T in flashbacks only
Summary: This story sort of takes place after The Departure, in spirit of Christmas you gotta add Mr. Scrooge in this case let's just say Mr. Scrooge is a lot hotter in my Roswell version but we are going to say that The Departure episode actually took place during Christmas time.

A/N: This story actually belongs to my sister her username was Roswell_2012, however she stopped writing and asked me to post this story for her and continue with it. Which I will, it's already written at least 90% of it, just got a lot of other stories to finish first and get taken care of.

Coming Soon

Title: Accepting Reality
Couples: CC, M/L, Mi/M, I/J, T/Ki
Rating: Adult
This is a sequel to When Reality Sets In. Max and Michael have used the Granolith to travel back to Antar to rescue Tess. Liz, Maria, Isabel, Kyle and Valenti have left town to protect Zan; Max and Liz's son, the next heir to the throne. However, what Max and Michael don't realize is that Kivar has mindraped Tess and has sent shape shifters down to Earth to locate Liz and the next heir. Can Michael and Max rescue Tess before it's too late? Can Liz protect her son from Kivar until Max and Michael return? Learn how Isabel is coping with losing Alex and unable to move on with her life due to the alien madness. Can Kyle really forgive Tess? Is it too late for our podsters or are they doomed to live life in Antar? Will they all Survive?

Title: The Truth Shall Set You Free
Couples: CC, M/L, Mi/M, I/?, K/?, T/?

Rating: Adult
Summary: Takes place before It's Too Late, It's Too Bad. What if Liz ran into Max at the observatory before Tess did, on her way home from the airport? Can Liz help Max wake up and can Max help Liz discover the truth about everything? What is really going on with Tess, could there be more then meets the eye to her? Why did Future Max really come back and could more visitors from the future have followed him during his time travel mission? What dangers lie ahead because of what Future Max did?

Title: Making It Work
Couples: CC, M/L, Mi/M. I/?, K/?. T/?
Rating: Adult
Summary: What if Future Max wasn't the only one to come back? What would have happened if because of his time travel, Liz devolped her powers earlier on? Can Liz and Max make things work for the better or will they surrender their love to save the world? Is their love really what causes the end of the world or was it brought on by something else and is it already too late to change things? With the FBI and Kivar along with the Skins not giving up on our podsters both in the future and in the present, who will survive?

Title: Rewriting Destiny
Couples: CC, M/L, Mi/M, I/A, K/?. T/?, J/?
Rating: Adult
Summary: This is a sequel to 'What's Meant To Be'. Pretty much the take on Season 2 now. What will happen when Liz has not only visions of the future but also a visitor from the future? Now that Tess is here, will Liz be able to see if she is a trusted ally or does she have an ulterior motive? Just who exactly our the podsters enemies now that the FBI Special Unit is under the control of Nasedo? Will they be able to protect their loved ones and their lives with the new found knowledge of who they really are along with enemies from their home planet coming after them? Will Liz be able to stop the vision she has of her friend dying in a horrible accident or by saving that one friend will she risk the possiblity of changing the future and losing someone else she cares for? Watch how Liz learns to cope with her new found power and the struggle she has making tough choices that could forever change their lives.[/color]
A/N: This story will deal with the loss of one of our podsters. So be warned! Have tissues available. Pretty much this story is the same concept of Liz having visions of the future and picks up where 'What's Meant To Be' left off at. If you haven't read that yet, you should read it first to understand this story.
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Re: Roswell_Fan86 Stories

Post by maxandlizforever » Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:47 am

Let me know when you start writing accepting reality
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