Spiletta42's fics

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Spiletta42's fics

Post by Spiletta42 » Fri Apr 20, 2007 6:24 pm

Spiletta42's Antarian Literature currently features canon-friendly (and spoiler-heavy) episode tags. All are GEN in nature and respect canon pairings.

Causality: an episode tag for Departure featuring the friendship between Liz and Kyle.

Explanations: a look into Tess's thoughts immediately prior to Crash

Loss: a drabble featuring Kyle's Isabel-related thoughts, post-Graduation

The Rat: an episode tag to Chant Down Babylon in which Liz contemplates her feelings

Redemption: an episode tag to Four Aliens and a Baby in which Tess considers her options.

I have longer, plottier fics in the works, but I don't post works in progress as a rule.
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