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Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2007 8:11 pm
by LairaBehr4
New story up in AU Without:


Title: Touching Skin
Author: LairaBehr4
Category: Dreamer, AU without Aliens
Rating: Mature
Summary: Takes place when Max and Liz are in their 40’s and are looking at the bright end of the tunnel after a very dark time.
Banner: by FrenchDreamer – thank you!

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 10:49 pm
by LairaBehr4
Hey guys! Just wanted to drop this off:

Round 11 Nominee


Favorite Portrayal of Serena - 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves'
Favorite Original Character - Joe in 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves'

You guys like me! You really like me!


Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 4:53 pm
by LairaBehr4
Thank you, everyone!!

Round 11 wins:

Runner-up for Best Post Episode Fanfiction: 'The Butterfly Loss'

Best Challenge Response: 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves'

Thank you so much, you guys.

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 8:25 am
by LairaBehr4
Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you all know that it could be a while until the next update. My flash drive that had all my FF stuff - banners, ideas, challenges, edits, everything - broke last night. I had just deleted the last backup from my computer about a week ago and I hadn't gotten around to backing it up again yet.

I'm going to try to get the flash drive fixed or at least retrieve the files, but it's not looking good.

My sincerest apologies, everyone.


Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2007 6:50 pm
by LairaBehr4
Chapter 24 of 'Butterfly Loss' is up.

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 1:20 pm
by LairaBehr4
An author's note to say that my fics must once again be placed on a back burner for a time. There's been a death in my family and things are a bit uncertain for me right now, especially since it's so close to the holidays. You guys know I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

My apologies, and thank you for your kind understanding.


Re: Lost in the Land of Laira - AN p. 9

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 10:26 am
by LairaBehr4
Five, Four, Three, Open Sesame! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Hope you hall have the happiest and brightest of New Years. Welcome to 2008, everyone!

Re: Lost in the Land of Laira - AN p. 9

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2008 7:52 pm
by LairaBehr4
Hello, children!

Well, I'm back, and the next chapter of 'Butterfly' will be up very, very soon! I promise! And, this should please you all - I got an internship in New York City this semester! Which is TONS of cool. AND it means that I'll have TEN HOURS A WEEK on the train to work on my fics!

I knew you guys would be thrilled.

In return, though, I have a huge favor to ask of any readers in NYC or the immediate area. Do any of you have room for a couch crasher two nights a week? Not every week, probably just once or twice between now and May, and I will be out of the house during the day, and I'll probably cook you dinner or bring you homemade Italian desserts as a thank you!

To sweeten the pot, I might even throw in some spoilers for you.

Begging for some sympathy,


Re: Lost in the Land of Laira - AN p. 10, 14Jan08

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2008 2:32 pm
by LairaBehr4
Hi everyone,

I need a place to stay in NYC on Thursday! Any takers? :( Help a poor grad student out?

Re: Lost in the Land of Laira - AN p. 10, 14Jan08

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2008 8:35 pm
by LairaBehr4
Hi guys,

I know I've been really remiss with my stories lately, and I sincerely apologize. I just finished my Master's thesis (after much drama) last week and I now have my MA. And I suppose I should be grateful that my traitorous body waited until after this was all over to literally put me through three different diseases since Thursday. And I am, really. Really.

Plus my computer's wall charger melted clean through. Honestly, there's about half an inch of exposed wires and everything. It still worked for a couple of days, but then it started giving off smoke and sparks and ... yeah. Now it doesn't work at all. And that I am glad for, since the last thing I want is to die in an electrical fire (though sometimes, sick as I am, sometimes death looks good by comparison.) So I don't have a computer (I'm borrowing a friend's just to write this) and I doubt I could write anything any good at all. I'm using every bit of energy just to make coherent sentences for this.

So I do apologize, and I promise I'll get back to work ASAP.

Also, if anyone has any job openings for a brilliant communications major, please let me know! :P

Thank you for all your understanding,