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Authors can start their own thread with all their work here. Many authors also keep their readers informed on when they have updated a fic on their thread here.

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Guidelines - Work By Author Forum

Post by Kath7 » Thu Sep 01, 2005 12:29 pm

Hi everyone!

Feel free to start threads here, linking to your work. Most authors include a short summary for each story as well. We prefer that you post links, rather than the stories themselves, but if you feel you must do the latter, please contact a mod to delete your story on another forum because it is forbidden to have the same story on two forums at the same time.

This forum also seems to have developed into a place for writers to keep their readers updated on updates and what's new in their writing. That's great! Your work by author thread is also a great place to display awards. Feel free to do so, including those from other web-sites.


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